About Us

Kwik Team Support Services Private Limited is a company set up exclusively to cater to the needs of the Realtors, mortgage and financial service firms through its unprecedented Back Office and Digital Marketing Support services. With a registered office in Ahmedabad and a huge client base in USA, the company has within a short time made its mark as the leading back office and online marketing support provider. Our business-sense and impact-driven approach makes us stand out among the globally acclaimed support service providers.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and client centric partner

Our Mission

Invest in the success of our clients by :

  • Providing operational excellence and intelligent solutions
  • Maximizing the sales productivity
  • Providing support for sales and marketing campaigns
  • Ensuring our clients maximum returns on their marketing investments
  • An extension of team with the promise of outperformance in back office support


  • Trust and integrity – We honor our promises and commitments
  • Client-focused – We give utmost importance to the interest of our clients and the growth of their business
  • Excellence – We strive for excellence with the best performance
  • Learning – We are open to learning anything new that may be in the interest of our clients

Why Us

With more than ten long years of experience the Kwik Team has created a strong and valuable relationship with its clients, providing them with the latest and the best outsourced business solutions no matter what the location or the industry practiced in that part. Our competent team of professionals creates most pro-active strategies that help to build and support your business and gain a competitive positioning on the digital platform. Our high quality marketing and cost-effective solutions enable the clients automate quickly and reap higher productivity gains. We take care of the management of manpower resources as well as of gathering the right resources at the right price for you. There is absolutely no need to invest in office space or any sort of tech infrastructure.

The Kwik Team has the individuals, the technical know-how and the experience to provide you with the correct approach required to shorten the sales cycle and enrich the customer acquisition process. We always have something better and lasting to offer.